Good design is simply, just good.
Good design can do many things. It can create meaningful change around us. It can help people make sense of the world and the things in it. It can play an important role in our everyday lives and decision making and is an important part of a good business strategy.
Good design is a process. It is a collaboration between parties and requires trust. Both are essential to the process. It works best when all the decision-makers are part of the process because, sometimes solutions come from the most unexpected places. 
Good design is about solving problems.
Good design is doing what you love.
Like you, I love what I do...
My name is Amy Feiman and I am an independent graphic designer working in Denver, Colorado. My clients range from emerging businesses to large companies with a national presence. I produce much of what you might expect from a graphic designer, (logos, print collateral, websites, environmental design, packaging, and illustration) to some things that might surprise you (event promotion and civic design). 
I would love to help you with your branding and design needs. 
Good design is good business.
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